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The Mental Side of Injury: What to Do When Your Recovery Isn’t Going So Swimmingly

“How are you feeling after yesterday?” my friend Todd asked me as we walked down the steps toward the pool. “I feel good,” I replied. “Aren’t your shoulders sore?” he asked. “Not at all,” I replied. “Hmmm. I think my shoulders are sore from pounding against the

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I Called for a Taxi and Never Expected it to Change my Life

Whether you’re facing the emotional fallout of injury or PTSD, the tools you’ll need to dig out of your hole are exactly the same. When you call for a taxi, what do you expect? Like most people, you probably expect an individual to show up on time

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Part 4: Epilogue – Injured Athlete Inspiration (NAA Mentors Aren’t Always Winning Races. Sometimes They’re Injured. What They’ve Learned Can Help You. – Guest Blog Post for Network for Advancing Athletes)

Network for Advancing Athletes mentors Courteney Lowe, Carrie Toleffson, Tina Pic, Annie Ewart, Alison Tetrick, and founder Amber Pierce share a love of their sport, a passion for guiding fellow female athletes, and all-too-much experience with injury. Through traumatic brain injuries, an obscure vascular condition, and various

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An Optimal Recovery in Three Steps

“Before my injury I was a soccer player. Now, because of my injury, I’m an athlete.” ~KK, professional soccer player I’ve been injured for 3 years and 7 months, but who’s counting? I’m not. With more than a few setbacks and bonus surgeries along the way, I’ve

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Three Steps to (Re)Finding Your Motivation After Injury

Finding your motivation after injury can seem like your own personal Mt. Everest. “I don’t want to hear about creativity and finding other ways to move. Running is my life. It embodies everything I love. I’ve tried cycling and swimming. Nothing makes me feel as good as

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Injured and Having a Bad Day? Advice for Getting Out of the Mental Hole

Awesome, amazing, spectacular, incredible, the best ever, PR (personal record): demonstrative superlatives infiltrate our vocabulary, thoughts, Facebook status updates and Tweets. Doesn’t it seem like the onslaught of exaggerated happiness leaves little room in our culture for having a really bad day? Pay too much attention to

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Injury Recovery: Injured Athlete’s Toolbox in the News!

There’s a coach who can help you with your injury recovery! My injury recovery journey and the services I offer through Injured Athlete’s Toolbox were featured by Pam LeBlanc in the (Austin American-Statesman). You can read the full story on The Statesman’s website here. I’ve also attached

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Coping with Injury: What’s Your Most Important Tool?

I know what you are saying: “Heidi, you’re crazy! I don’t have a creative bone in my body. Not even one.” Frankly, I said those words before my injury. Believe me: your creativity does exist. And it’s your most important tool for coping with injury. Recall your

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Thank you for stopping by the Injured Athlete’s Toolbox

Welcome and thank you for stopping by.  Over the months and years this site will evolve into a large body of knowledge, inspiration, humor, and direction for injured athletes worldwide.  Please continue visiting as we grow. Athletes of all levels, healthcare practitioners, and I will share wisdom

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