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Communication With Your Partner After Injury: A Time for Extraordinary Patience

Introduction Heads up…I wanted to entitle this blog “The $hit Nobody Tells You About Surgery and Chronic Injury That you Really Need to Know.” Nobody talks about this stuff because, frankly, it’s grim. You certainly aren’t going to openly talk about it with friends or family. Likewise,

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From One Athlete to Another: His Injury Advice Stands to Make Your Recovery Easier and Faster

In the fall of 2013, Austin-American Statesman journalist Pam LeBlanc wrote a story about my injury and creation of Injured Athlete’s Toolbox. Shortly after the article’s publication, I hosted one of my regular seminars for injured athletes. We answer each other’s questions; we help each other navigate

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Three Steps to (Re)Finding Your Motivation After Injury

Finding your motivation after injury can seem like your own personal Mt. Everest. “I don’t want to hear about creativity and finding other ways to move. Running is my life. It embodies everything I love. I’ve tried cycling and swimming. Nothing makes me feel as good as

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Injured and Having a Bad Day? Advice for Getting Out of the Mental Hole

Awesome, amazing, spectacular, incredible, the best ever, PR (personal record): demonstrative superlatives infiltrate our vocabulary, thoughts, Facebook status updates and Tweets. Doesn’t it seem like the onslaught of exaggerated happiness leaves little room in our culture for having a really bad day? Pay too much attention to

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Injury Recovery: Injured Athlete’s Toolbox in the News!

There’s a coach who can help you with your injury recovery! My injury recovery journey and the services I offer through Injured Athlete’s Toolbox were featured by Pam LeBlanc in the (Austin American-Statesman). You can read the full story on The Statesman’s website here. I’ve also attached

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Setbacks: Injury Recovery Is Not a Linear Process

When you were 20 and sprained your ankle, a bit of rest, ice and ibuprofen usually did the trick. You were back up and going in short order. As you age, your body responds differently to injury, usually by healing at a seemingly glacial speed. Did you

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Overcoming Injury Requires Hard Work

You may notice this blog lacks the snuggly warmth of your favorite fleece PJs. Welcome to the tough love blog; this month is about making hard choices. Mentally overcoming injury isn’t for sissies. Do you have an injury? Is it healing slower than you thought? Did you

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Coping with Injury: What’s Your Most Important Tool?

I know what you are saying: “Heidi, you’re crazy! I don’t have a creative bone in my body. Not even one.” Frankly, I said those words before my injury. Believe me: your creativity does exist. And it’s your most important tool for coping with injury. Recall your

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