Announcing an online class for everyone!


Essential Tools for Injury Recovery


Dear Wonderful Injured Athlete’s Toolbox Community,

Many of you have asked, and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be teaching an online 4-week class to share the most important tools every injured athlete needs. (Even if you’re no longer injured, read this and pass it on to your injured friends. They will thank you.)

This course enables injured athletes to move from feeling frustrated, impatient, and angry, to feeling optimistic, patient, and motivated by using the essential tools for injury recovery.

In this 4-week course you WILL:
⭐️ Unleash your most important tool following injury
⭐️ Start feeling more positive and a whole lot less frustrated and impatient
⭐️ Get past “Why me?”
⭐️ Restart your motivation
⭐️ Silence the obnoxious voice that tells you you’re worthless if you can’t train
⭐️ Manage setbacks like a boss
⭐️ Let go of comparing your post-injury self to your pre-injury self
⭐️ Reframe your injury as an opportunity
⭐️ And MORE

People ask me how I’ve managed to get through two traumatic injuries leading to 10+ surgeries that kept me from the sport I love for more than a decade. The truth is that I completely screwed up the first time.

After flailing for what seemed like forever, I got help and I learned the tools I needed to get it together mentally. And, wouldn’t you know it–when I got my head in line, my body followed.

I recovered faster.

You’re injured and you hate it. I understand and so will your classmates.

Right now I know you’re feeling frustrated because your body has let you down.

You’re feeling impatient because you just want to get back to your sport.

You’re feeling disconnected and you miss your friends.

Most of all, you alternate between angry and sad with no end in sight.

You are NOT ALONE. I have been where you are, and



Use the tools, and you’ll GET IMMEDIATE RESULTS.

What’s more, the thousands of hours I’ve spent researching successful injury outcomes have revealed the universal recipe of success–a recipe that I will share with you so you become:
☀️ inspired
☀️ mentally resilient
☀️ patient
☀️ at peace

Heidi has been the linchpin of my healing journey back to running.”

Would you try to bake a soufflé without a good recipe in hand?

Don’t wrestle with the challenges of injury recovery without a tried and true recipe. 


You want to know dirty little secret #17? The tools you learn from me to get through injury are the same tools you can use with any life challenge.

They’re universal life tools!

Implementing the tools is easy, fast, and efficient.

Learn once; use forever!

Heidi has provided me with amazing insight and resources that keep me moving forward. She is full of guidance for many people, but especially the injured athlete.”

Also, in this 4-week course you WILL:
Find new ways to move
Reconnect with your endorphins
⭐️ Explore the world outside of sport
Maximize YOU…ALL of you
⭐️ Connect with others
who are dealing with the same stuff
Set new goals

“Nothing like talking to someone who has had that same feeling of being dunked under water once again…just as you got up to breathe. Heidi is diligent, amazingly detailed, and thoughtful.”

Get to know Heidi–founder of Injured Athlete’s Toolbox

FOUR live 90-minute classes

Tons of resources, ideas, and support

Exclusive Facebook community for support between classes

One email exchange with me to help guide you

A step-by-step workbook that’ll allow you to start using the tools you need–now!

All calls are recorded and all course material is available electronically
Live calls will be:
Tuesday, July 26th from 7:30 to 9:00 PM Central Time
Wednesday, August 3rd from 7:30 to 9:00 PM Central Time
Thursday, August 11th from 7:30 to 9:00 PM Central Time
Thursday, August 18th from 7:30 to 9:00 PM Central Time
(replays available 24/7)

Show up at your computer and on the phone live or on your own schedule

“Without hesitation I recommend her as a mentor to anyone lucky enough to have her at their side.”

➡➡ Week 1: You’re motivation’s gone MIA. Let’s find it.

➡➡ Week 2: Sometimes you gotta get gritty not pretty: managing the hard times

➡➡ Week 3: Reconnecting with your childhood wonder for new activities

➡➡ Week 4: Forward! Coming out the other side stronger

“I am grateful for her willingness to help and would recommend letting Heidi help you through a time of injury. I know she helped me get into a better state of mind and put me on the right track for a successful future.”

Here’s the deal. I’m making this super easy for you.

For a limited time, enroll in this life-changing class at an unbelievable price.

Your $293 investment in learning the tools you need to feel better gets you:
☀️ the live class series with me (more than 6 HOURS of support)
☀️ class materials, including a workbook (jam-packed with actionable tools)
☀️ an email exchange with me (addressing your needs)
☀️ the community (support and accountability from your fellow injured athletes)    

Have I lost my mind? Clients normally pay THOUSANDS of dollars for this much time working with me, but this class is only $293.

It’s a simple choice, right? Keep feeling frustrated and impatient, or start feeling better.

Why keep struggling alone?

That’s why I’m here, along with a community of other injured athletes who get it.

You all matter tremendously to me. I’m doing this class for you. I want you to stop struggling and start feeling more resilient, patient, and inspired.

Please share this and invite your injured friends.

“You are indeed a light in a dark corner for so many people.”