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I am honored and privileged that Heidi asked me to write a testimonial for her. When we first met, Heidi was in the process of recovery from a difficult knee problem that was painful and that significantly inhibited her activity level and goals. At that time, I recognized quickly that she already had within her the “tools” to fulfill her dream of returning to an active lifestyle. These “tools” were not concrete instruments per se, but personal qualities that were emanated from within her: they included her mental and emotional responses to a significant problem and her desire and willingness to properly prepare for success in recovery from her condition of arthrofibrosis of the knee. Working with Heidi, you will receive thoughtful recommendations and advice that, when applied, will help provide you the tools to use in your process of healing and which will also have a very positive impact on your you and your overall health and well-being.

The foundation for physical healing is a proper emotional and mental approach to recovery from injury and surgery. Your process of recovery has begun as you think about and follow the wisdom Heidi shares. I am grateful to her in so many ways, including for what she has taught me from the perspective of the patient. You will be also.

I wish you a healthy recovery and a happy return to the activity level you desire.

—Steven B. Singleton, MD

In the world of athletic medicine, there have been many amazing advancements in the treatment and rehabilitation of the physical ailments that effect almost all athletes at one point in their athletic career. One area where there has been little to no attention paid is the mental strain of athletic injury. Often times after injury, the athlete struggles with their personal identity if they are known primarily for their athletic achievements above all else. Or they struggle to find alternate ways to pass their time during the recovery process and grow bored, frustrated and depressed. And then they struggle with trust of the injured body part when it is finally time to return to their sport. Heidi Armstrong has experienced all of these struggles multiple times and has created strategies to not only cope with but thrive, coming out mentally stronger and more resilient than before. She has now harnessed all those experiences and created programming to share with all injured athletes and guides them through the injury and recovery process. And she does all of this with an amazing and contagious positive attitude. I would recommend all athletes consider the physical recovery and the mental recovery from injury as equally important. And just as they seek the most proficient surgeon to repair the physical injury, they should also tap into the vast expertise of Heidi to help them navigate the mental challenges they will undoubtedly face.

—Mark Ryan, MS ATC, CSCS, and Rehabilitation Coordinator for Dr. Marc Philippon

Experiencing an injury can be devastating. Physically. Socially. Emotionally.

It is for these reasons that Heidi Armstrong and Injured Athlete’s Toolbox provide an invaluable resource for those seeking to recover.

By living through her own recovery story, Heidi’s personal experiences have informed her professional skills. With this insight, Heidi is highly effective at coaching the many challenges you may experience, providing you with the mental and emotional tools to help drive your physical recovery.

One of the secrets to achieving a complete recovery form injury is having the right experts addressing all aspects of healing. I recommend Heidi and Injured Athlete’s Toolbox be part of your recovery team.

—Luke O’Brien PT, M.Phty (Sports), SCS

Ever since I met Heidi back in 2014, she has been such a great source of help, encouragement, and hope. I reached out to Heidi because I was dealing with hip pain related to femoroacetabular impingement and a labral tear. I am a former college soccer player turned marathoner and triathlete so sports have always been a huge part of my identity. My hip pain hit me like a ton of breaks because it quickly caused me to experience an identity crisis. Who was I if I couldn’t run and train the way I was used to? This is where Heidi stepped in and what she taught me totally changed the trajectory of my hip rehab. She challenged me to “capture the opportunity” and to look for the life lessons this injury could teach me. She challenged me to find out who I was outside of running—instead of seeing myself as “Lindsey the runner,” to view myself as Lindsey who loves to run and to look for the other things in life that could bring me joy outside of sport. It has since been many years and I can finally say I captured the opportunity. My own hip experience and Heidi’s guidance inspired me and empowered me to get back to marathons and long distance triathlons and to start my own physical therapy practice aimed at helping other athletes dealing with hip pain. I highly recommend Heidi to anyone who feels lost in their injury journey—she truly is an expert at helping people “capture the opportunity of injury.”

I’ve known Heidi for a long time and she possesses a unique combination of talents and skills that any injured athlete would benefit from. She understands what it takes to overcome an injury or surgery, how to create a winning mindset, how to deal with setbacks, how to accept the present and stop yearning for the past while not giving up on the future.

How she developed these skills is partly from her own experience. She’s overcome a number of very challenging injuries and has been in the deepest valleys yet has climbed her way out again and again. And in so doing, she now has a great gift to share with others who are in those same valleys.

Some people look to tactics when faced with problems. Do this. Do that. But tactics work best when attached to a deeper understanding of the situation and this is what Heidi really “gets” that so many other people miss.

I heartily recommend Heidi. You won’t regret it.

—Doug Kelsey, PT, PhD

Heidi has been blessed with the capability of being an elite athlete. She took that potential and for 2 decades she honed it to be exceptional as an equestrienne, a tennis and volleyball player, and later as a collegiate swimmer. After college she became a road bike racer, and endurance mountain bike athlete and a freestyle cross country skier. She also suffered tremendously with very severe injuries that demanded numerous surgical interventions and years of rehabilitation to persist in her sports. Each time she had a serious setback, she pushed herself to return to even higher levels of performance. She not only retrained her body through many, many hours in the PT clinic, but she became a student of other aspects of recovery. It was her total comprehension that allowed such success—and the ability to pass on what she learned. She has the heart, tenacity, and determination to be a great athlete coupled with the intellect and empathy to be a great coach. Heidi learned more than just how to rehabilitate the body’s tissues. She developed the wisdom required to recover in all aspects.

For those who are seeking empathy, insight, and wise counsel, Heidi Armstrong should be at the top of your list on your road to recovery. You would do well to listen to her carefully. Let her hear your story and you will see.

—Edward P. Tyson, M.D.

Heidi has been a client and friend for several years. I’ve watched her transcend serious injuries that would have benched the strongest athlete. Her last knee injury is devastating from an athlete’s perspective. This is a career ending injury for the average person. However, there is not an “average” fiber in Heidi’s make-up. Her grit, determination, and discipline is serving her well in her ongoing recovery. But most impressive is her mental and emotional fortitude to turn what very well may be a career ending injury into a positive life-changing event. Combine these skills with Heidi’s empathy and compassion and you have a winning combination to help both the athlete and non-athlete work through injury or any other life challenge. I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone having difficulty going through an injury recovery scenario.

—Ken Bain, LMT

I can’t recommend Heidi enough!  She has an innate ability to understand many different types of people and what makes them tick.  This ability makes her successful in understanding how to construct a plan for health and healing that will meet the person where they are at as well as move them to a new level.   She combines this insight with practical knowledge of the tools and resources necessary to help an athlete recover from physical injury.  I have watched Heidi doggedly work through intense physical and emotional challenge personally as she has worked with her own injuries.  In this process she has accumulated not only a deeper understanding of the ways in which athletes need support but also built a huge referral network for particular needs. Most importantly, however, is the warmth, presence, and sense of humor that Heidi brings to every situation. She is one of the most wonderful people I know and I can’t think of a better person to have in your corner!

—Margret Webb, L.Ac.

For competitive athletes, any injury can turn into a nightmare.  If you are a competitive athlete with an injury, Heidi Armstrong can be your dream come true because of her unique combination of real life experience and empathy.

Heidi has been a serious athlete since childhood.  As such, she has competed in a variety of sports and has excelled in every one.  However, as is common among many athletes, she has had her share of injuries along the way and thus, has had numerous opportunities to turn challenge into triumph. Like most successful athletes who at times have been side-lined due to injury, Heidi’s recurring goal has been to return to her sport and over time, she has found a “secret” formula that she is anxious to share with other injured athletes.

This “secret” formula was born from her demonstration of excellence in the practice of dedication, determination, discipline, and commitment. Heidi’s optimism and resilience has served her well and she has repeatedly conquered the dark side of acute and chronic pain, numerous surgeries and the long and complicated road to recovery and return to her sport(s).

With Heidi in your corner, your chance for returning to physical and psychological health and well-being is greatly enhanced because she’s been down that road and knows just how to show you the way.

—Shelli Kozberg, MA, LPC, CFS

Heidi’s unique experience with being an injured athlete herself, as well as her inspiring and positive attitude while dealing with her setbacks, have contributed to her comprehensive and holistic approach to helping other injured athletes with their own road to recovery.  Her ability to communicate, coordinate and focus on the problem are great gifts.

You will be placing yourself in the hands of a compassionate, understanding, well-informed, capable and determined woman who has walked (or possibly limped) on the road you are traveling.  I have the highest respect for Heidi’s abilities, her mind and her heart.  I am honored to be given the chance to recommend her to those who need an advocate, a sympathetic ear, and a guide who knows whereof she speaks.

—Linda V. Craig, LMT

I have been in holistic healthcare for more than 10 years and I have known Heidi Armstrong for half that time. She is an elite competitive cyclist and as such has suffered a plethora of typical injuries for her event. By struggling through physical, mental and spiritual adversity herself, she has developed an approach to the injured athlete that only another athlete could have come up with. Her style is both analytical and caring, and she is fully committed to helping you achieve the performance level you had come to rely on before your injury.

Athletes struggle with different problems than many of us because their job and often their self worth are tied to their physical performance. Heidi understands this all too well and I honestly couldn’t think of a better guide for the injured athlete struggling to heal body, mind and spirit. I would recommend her heartily to any injured athlete.

—Rayner Dickey, M.D.