Arthrofibrosis Recovery Guide

Arthrofibrosis Recovery Guide


Arthrofibrosis Recovery Guide



I am Heidi Armstrong, Injury Recovery Coach, arthrofibrosis warrior, and founder of Injured Athlete’s Toolbox. I help injured athletes—many of whom have arthrofibrosis—move from feeling frustrated, impatient, and angry to feeling optimistic, resilient, and motivated.

I’ve struggled, coped, and worked diligently to overcome arthrofibrosis since November 2010. I’ve learned, sometimes through trial and much error, a lot along the way.

My clients’ victories, questions, anxieties, and resilience led me to record what I’ve learned about arthrofibrosis recovery in plain English.

My hope is that this booklet–fact-checked by arthrofibrosis expert Dr. Steven Singleton–will leave you feeling empowered and informed.

You aren’t alone. I’ve been where you are right now and have helped others in your position. It gets better by assembling the proper medical team and following the guidance in this booklet.

This e-booklet is *not* a do-it-yourself recovery guide featuring–or comparing–physical therapy exercises. That would be impossible and irresponsible (I am not a physical therapist and every arthrofibrosis recovery is different).

In this e-booklet, you will learn:
⭐️Essential recovery guiding principles that you won’t find anywhere else
⭐️The most important thing Dr. Steadman told me to remember about arthrofibrosis
⭐️How to choose a medical team
⭐️How to handle inevitable post-surgery setbacks
⭐️The tools you must use in order to get better
⭐️How to manage surgery and travel logistics
⭐️How to maintain your sanity
⭐️This e-booklet has been fact checked by Dr. Steven Singleton

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Post-TKA (knee replacement) arthrofibrosis is different than the type of arthrofibrosis I’ve discussed in this guide. The surgical approach is different. The appearance and texture of the scar is different; thus, the scar physiology is different. Accordingly, the recovery is different. I’ve written this guide for non-TKA arthrofibrosis; nonetheless, many of the concepts still apply for post-TKA arthrofibrosis.

**An additional note**

No, this booklet is not a nicely presented paid promotion of a doctor’s practice, as one person absurdly pointed out. I wrote this guide for Dr. Singleton’s and PT Joe Hannon’s patients because they’re experts. I’m not inclined to write “your doctor” instead of “Dr. Singleton” because almost all “your doctors” and “your PTs” (aka, “Heidi, can you recommend a doctor in my area?”) are not experienced with arthrofibrosis. Remember, seeing the wrong doctor and PT saves neither time nor money nor suffering. There are approximately 4 surgeons in the world who truly have the surgical skills to treat arthrofibrosis. Dr. Singleton is one.

Wonder Woman

To celebrate my first ride back on the road after my last surgery in 2014, a friend sent me a Wonder Woman t-shirt and socks, with their own little capes!!!


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