Welcome and thank you for stopping by.  Over the months and years this site will evolve into a large body of knowledge, inspiration, humor, and direction for injured athletes worldwide.  Please continue visiting as we grow.

Athletes of all levels, healthcare practitioners, and I will share wisdom and experience in the blog section.

How it all started…For years healthcare practitioners and friends have referred injured athletes to me, another injured athlete who could relate.  One morning, around mid-August 2012, I woke up and realized helping injured athletes had grown into a passion.  I decided to make my passion my work.

The problem:  Athletes face different and unique challenges following injury.  Our system fails to address these challenges, as I learned during [so far] 6 years of injury recovery.

I started with an idea, noting all the resources and knowledge I inefficiently but inexorably cobbled together over years.  What if I could help other athletes navigate the maze of recovery more easily?  What if I could build an online body of knowledge, reaching as many injured athletes as possible?  I tested my idea, interviewing a diverse group of healthcare providers.  Each provider passionately expressed a need for injury recovery coaching for struggling patients.

In phase two of my research I jumped out of my own injury journey and into the experience of other injured athletes of all ages and levels.  I interviewed athletes with the goal of discovering recipes for success and common struggles.  Almost immediately I uncovered three facts–most of the struggles were similar to mine; common threads connected those athletes who emotionally grew as a result of their injury; the common struggles were almost universal.

You’ll find common struggles discussed on the Sound Familiar? page.

You’ll find recipes for success discussed on the The Road Back page.

You can read more about my story on the Why I Understand page.

I can help guide you through the maze of recovery.  I want to hear your story I offer an initial consultation at no cost and with no commitment. Take the first step toward resilience, contact me.


  1. Hi, My own personal story is much like yours. In the last couple of years I have been attempting to set up a facility open to most but with a particular interest in helping others that were once active but struggle with how they will do it again. My sport of choice is summer biathlon with mountain biking or running and shooting. This of course can be done year round in central Texas. Do you think that you will have a links page for other relevant resources that could be beneficial to your clients? Thanks, Steve

    • Thank you for the note, Steve. In what part of the US do you live and have you also had a knee injury? Including a links/resources page on my website is definitely on the list. I seem to find resources that touch on what I do, but rarely do I find things that take a deep dive into healing the spirit of an injured athlete. Where do you tend to find helpful resources? All My Best, Heidi

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