Injury Recovery: Injured Athlete’s Toolbox in the News!

There’s a coach who can help you with your injury recovery! My injury recovery journey and the services I offer through Injured Athlete’s Toolbox were featured by Pam LeBlanc in the (Austin American-Statesman). You can read the full story on The Statesman’s website here. I’ve also attached

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How to be a Good Friend to the Injured Athletes in Your Life

This blog is for all the friends and families of injured athletes. Less than a week after my last injury, a good friend invited my best friend and me for a drink. My left leg was bound up in TED hose, wrapped, and braced from ankle to

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Setbacks: Injury Recovery Is Not a Linear Process

When you were 20 and sprained your ankle, a bit of rest, ice and ibuprofen usually did the trick. You were back up and going in short order. As you age, your body responds differently to injury, usually by healing at a seemingly glacial speed. Did you

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Overcoming Injury Requires Hard Work

You may notice this blog lacks the snuggly warmth of your favorite fleece PJs. Welcome to the tough love blog; this month is about making hard choices. Mentally overcoming injury isn’t for sissies. Do you have an injury? Is it healing slower than you thought? Did you

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Coping with Injury: What’s Your Most Important Tool?

I know what you are saying: “Heidi, you’re crazy! I don’t have a creative bone in my body. Not even one.” Frankly, I said those words before my injury. Believe me: your creativity does exist. And it’s your most important tool for coping with injury. Recall your

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You’re an Injured Athlete. Now What? Follow These Three Steps.

The right attitude and one arm will beat the wrong attitude and two arms. Every time. —Pete Davis, climber (made the first all-disabled ascent of El Capitan in June 2012) One day you enjoy wind and warm sunshine. The next day you are stuck to the sofa,

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Thank you for stopping by the Injured Athlete’s Toolbox

Welcome and thank you for stopping by.  Over the months and years this site will evolve into a large body of knowledge, inspiration, humor, and direction for injured athletes worldwide.  Please continue visiting as we grow. Athletes of all levels, healthcare practitioners, and I will share wisdom

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