Inspiration for injured athletes: Find your patience and sanity with Injury Recovery Coaching

It’s a guest blog post for Jesse James Retherford, Movement Therapist, Life Changer, and founder of The Art of Fitness!

Jesse asks about my injury story, path to becoming an Injury Recovery Coach, what I do, and how I work with injured athletes. I might mention my righteous cassette tape collection from the year 2000 (no, I’m not a hoarder).

Fireman's carry

My good friend, Erick, and me reliving the months when I could barely go up and down stairs

Jesse has more than earned his injury card. Like me, he initially approached his injury with frustration and anger. Then he chose mindfulness, adopting his injury as a life teacher. His practice as a Movement Specialist is pure inspiration for injured athletes.

Until Jesse and I met, I’d never been able to complete someone else’s thoughts about the mental aspects of injury recovery–and vice versa. Jesse and I share a similar philosophy, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to guest blog for him.

Get to know Jesse via a guest blog he wrote for me in April and find out why a movement specialist is a key player on your recovery team.


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