Thank goodness for the interwebs, for without them I never would have crossed paths with Jo. A client urged me to check out her website. I was instantly captivated. Jo’s writing can only come from a place of experience with being injured athlete with chronic pain. How she has translated her experience of learning to dance with chronic pain into tools others can use leads me to calling her the Yoda of chronic pain. We are all so lucky to have a guru leading us through the landmines of chronic pain.

Jo and I talked about guest blogging for one another, and she suggested I write about social isolation, something most people and the injured athlete with chronic pain and injury face. As prevalent as it is, our tendency is to sweep it under the rug. It’s too painful and difficult to talk about honestly through the cloud of shame and blame.

Talking about social isolation is heavy stuff, but if I’m not honest with you, there’d be little purpose for the words that follow. So, I’ve chosen to face this topic head on, with candor, followed by practical guidance.

In part 1 we’ll talk about the origins of social isolation. When we understand why something is happening, we can take steps to make it better–which is what part 2 is about.


The other side of the injury coin…opportunity


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